About Non Profit Organizations

Are you member of a Non Profit Greek Organization?


All Greek Non Profit Organizations are eligible for totally free service within GreeksInternatinal.com except Banners.


You are free to advertise what your organization does wherever you are located (including Greece of course), post your events, any articles or classifieds you may have.


In order to zero out the cost, when you add your listing or your event, type the words "non-profit" at the promotion code field at the bottom of the screen.

As every other listing, your posting is subject to aproval. It will be important to email us your non-profit proof  at: info at greeksinternational.com your non-profit proof to help us in the process of approval. Non profit proof is consider any copy of official / government document that proves you are a non profit. 


Feel free to send this link to any other organizations you know so they can also take advantage of this opportunity to let other felllow Greeks find out about them.


If you are a Non Profit Organization click here to sign up now