The concept of

Γεια σου! is dedicated to be the directory of all Greek companies and organizations of Greek Omogeneia worldwide.

The goals are:


  • To promote & heighten the unity between Greeks.
  • Bring more Greeks together in local and international communities.
  • To encourage Greeks to promote, prefer & sponsor Greek companies & organizations.
  • To help new companies operated by Greeks to gain support from local Greek population faster.
  • To become the single source of reference for Greeks living abroad -and their friends worldwide- looking for local companies, organizations, cultural centers, churches, museums, professionals, shops, websites etc., that Greeks operate.
  • To help Greek organizations expand their reach to the local communities, post their local events and let the community know about them.
  • To help Greek organizations share/exchange information on their interests and find out how to effectively do more for their communities.
  • To help Greeks and other visitors understand what the subject of their business is, the products & services they offer.
  • To help Greek companies in Greece find about Greek companies abroad and help them communicate, and help each other.


By publishing your business in you benefit because:


  • It is the only online directory targeting Greek omogeneia at a global level.
  • You get a very aesthetic presentation page designed to host your company’s information.
  • You get integrated Map with the location of your company.
  • Visitors access the page through a special mobile version so users can easily find your business while they are on the road!
  • You can have your own Deals Engine (like Groupon). As a listing owner, you can create a deal of the day that can be claimed and posted through Facebook.
  • Once your information is published it will be pushed on Google usually within 2 weeks naturally, due to special technology we engaged in the design and implementation of the site pages (cost of Search Engine Optimization runs for $2000 for a couple of pages).
  • You can post your current advertising video from YouTube (I.e., if you show an ad on any TV channel, you can put it to continue TV’s job,  work right into your page).
  • Visitors of will be able to communicate immediately with you via a form connected to your email (your email will be invisible).
  • Facebook & Twitter tight integration allow our members & visitors to make your content an item for discussion.
  • Full-fledged Member’s control panel where you control all your content, view stats and more.
  • Help the traffic of your own website by getting a quality link back to your web site.


The sign-up process is simple and it takes just a couple of minutes!  (You can sign up even faster using your Facebook or Google account).


Visit to get started now.



How helps promote Greek Culture worldwide.


All Non-Profit organizations worldwide, that promote Greek culture, arts, education, Greek Orthodox Church etc, have complimentary free subscription to the highest level (7 stars). As a matter of fact we will try to locate and sign-up all non-profits in our effort to promote them as much as possible.


To get your free listing as a non-profit organization, you need to supply the code “non-profit” as a promotion code during your sign-up.


On top of that, we understand that keeping a nonprofit organization afloat, especially in places without a big Greek community, these days gets harder and harder. We all try to achieve this by organizing events. offers to all organizations the opportunity to increase their financial bottom line in a very simple way.

Please send a message to "info at" with the name of the organization for more information.

Thank you